Audio archives from Mosaic Bay Church with Kevin Knox.

October 31, 2016

#64 Journey of Faith: Yours, Mine and Ours

"The journey of faith we take, individually and corporately, is what makes like worth living! The fundamental fact of existence is that this trust in God, this faith, is the firm foundation under everything that makes life worth living." 

Speaker: Jeanne Wong (Oct 30, 2016)
Passages: Hebrews 11:1 (MSG)
October 24, 2016

#63 The Movement Of God In Design

"It seems clear to me that the Gospel has been productized in the 20th century. Unfortunately, it’s become about the consumption of knowledge...but it’s not about that. We need to be reminded that a relationship with God is about relationship. It’s really about this experiential dynamic with Him, which we are co-participants, partners in, with God." 

Speaker: Nikki Knox (Oct 23, 2016)
Passages: Revelation 21:1-7
October 17, 2016

#62 Way of Life: Faith Is A Decision

"My messages aren't meant to be enjoyed and make you feel good. My messages are meant to lead you to a decision." 

Speaker: Kevin Knox (Oct 16, 2016)
Passages: Psalm 51:17, Hosea 6:6, 1 Samuel 15:22
October 17, 2016

#61 Do You Breath Well?

In our busy days and schedules, it is important to slow down and take time to breathe. “I am bringing the breath of life to you and you’ll come to life.” Ezekiel 37:5 

Speaker: Jeanne Wong (Oct 9, 2016)
Passages: Ezekiel 37:1-10
October 12, 2016

#60 Way of Life: Take Inventory Of Your Life

"Faith asks us to remember where we come from--who we were. Faith invites us to remember the turning points of life. And real faith asks us to face our ghosts, not run from them."

Speaker: Kevin Knox (Oct 2, 2016)
Passages: Matt 4:17-22, Luke 5:27-32
October 11, 2016

#59 Way of Life: Death as Good News

"For Jesus, the way of life was the way of the cross. It sounds crazy, but for Jesus, death was good news. Dying to your own agenda, your ego, and a selfish approach to things is the best way to live."


Speaker: Kevin Knox (Sept 25, 2016)


Passages: John 10:10, Mark 10:31, Matt 20:25-28, & Luke 22:26-27


October 11, 2016

#58 Way of Life: Vision

"The journey of faith is a journey of love. You are beloved. God IS love. And, in the end, your faith journey is an invitation to love others."


Speaker: Kevin Knox (Sept 18, 2016)


Passage: 1 John 4:7-12


October 11, 2016

#57 Way of Life: Faith

“Anyone can see the obstacle in a given situation; it takes a person of wisdom and courage to see the opportunity. Faith often feels like fear. Don’t give up just yet. Revisit your fears and see if they aren’t actually your faith at work.”


Speaker: Kevin Knox (September 11, 2016)


Passage: James 1:2-4


October 11, 2016

#56 Godly Perspective

“Why do good things happen to bad people?” from Godly Perspective.

Speaker: Scott Smith (August 28, 2016)

October 11, 2016

#55 Hope In Action

“Inspiring action in ourselves and others to create positive change,” from Hope In Action.

Speaker: Nikki Knox (August 21, 2016)