Audio archives from Mosaic Bay Church with Kevin Knox.

March 15, 2019

#170 Roots and Wings Part 1: Roots and Rest

Speaker: Emily Haliday (March 10, 2019)

Passages: Isaiah 41:10,  Peter 5:10, Ephesians 2: 19-22, Isaiah 40:31

Other References: David White and Richard Rohr 

Discussion Questions: 

1. Have your roots played a role in moving you into liminal space? 

2. Have they played a role in moving you out of it? 

3. Have you tried to skip the feeling work of liminal space? 

4. Have you been able to simply be with what's arriving in liminal space? And was that experience like? 

March 7, 2019

#169 The Friend at Midnight

Speaker: Darrell Olson (March 3, 2019) 

Passage: Luke 11: 1-10