Audio archives from Mosaic Bay Church with Kevin Knox.

September 24, 2018

#159 Mosaic Story: Nikki Knox

Being empowered to live a true, courageous life has been the theme for Mosaic this year. Nikki Knox shared her story of courage this week. Nikki's message is unique yet relatable. Nikki shares about life within Mosaic, her workplace and how raising kids, being a foster parent and adopting have changed her life and views of faith. 

September 4, 2018

#156 Mosaic Story: James Krimmel

James Krimmel is a part of our Mosaic Community with his wife Tara and their daughter Charlotte. James has a love for music and plays in the band on Sundays. Listen to his story!

August 28, 2018

#155 Mosaic Story: DeAndra Stone

This week, DeAndra Stone shares her story. DeAndra and her husband Jeff have been attending Mosaic for 8 years. They have two daughters, Wesleigh and Willa. DeAndra shares about a year of hell, a year of no fear and how she found her passion for the Earth. 


Speakers: Kevin Knox/DeAndra Stone (August 26, 2018)

August 22, 2018

#154 Mosaic Story: Rebecca Olsen

We enjoyed another Mosaic Story on Sunday from Rebecca Olsen. Rebecca and her family are fairly new to Mosaic. She shares an encouraging word about her new business adventure. 

Speakers: Kevin Knox and Rebecca Olsen (August 19, 2018)


August 14, 2018

#153 Mosaic Story: Dave Gromm

On Sunday we invited Dave Gromm to share his story. Sometimes the choices we make can lead us to dark and lonely places that seem impossible to overcome. We invite you to listen to Dave's story of courage, authenticity, redemption, and hope. 


Speakers: Kevin Knox and Dave Gromm (August 12, 2018(


May 17, 2018

#143 Mosaic Story: Jeanne Wong

This Mosaic story comes from Jeanne Wong who's been a part of Mosaic since the beginning. She's currently on staff and focuses on TruStory, Connections and Kids Mosaic. 

April 26, 2018

#139 Mosaic Story: Mark Galt

Mark Galt is a part of our Mosaic Community and shares some of his story with us in this edition of Mosaic Stories. Listen as he talks about the crafting of the heart for the forgiveness project as well as some of his life growing up in California. 

April 5, 2018

#136 Mosaic Story: Kelsey Miller and Martin Hitch

Martin and Kelsey have been a part of our Mosaic Community for a few years and recently trekked the PCT. Listen as they share their adventurous highs and lows during their hike. 



March 15, 2018

#133 Mosaic Story: Reze Wong

Reze Wong has been a part of Mosaic for several years. He shares about family life and life now. "We didn't have (a conventional) upbringing."





March 7, 2018

#131 Mosaic Story: Maggie Wong

Meet Maggie. She's been a part of our Mosaic Community for about two years and is sharing her story on forgiveness and how making it a practice has impacted her life.